About Us

SolutionzBay Ltd is a limited liability company which serves as the umbrella under which several smaller firms exist and operate viz; web solutions, print solutions, graphic solutions, IT solutions, food solutions, etc.

It is founded out of the realization of the following:

  • Wed design and developing in Ghana and Africa is not at its best and there's a great potential for raising the bar in web design and development up to international, state-of-the-art standard.
  • Information Communication Technology in Ghana and the African continent is at a very relatively unimpressive level with Africa lagging behind and needs a boost in the right direction.
  • There's the need to take to a different level the graphics and graphic design industry to produce classic and quality graphic designs.
  • An abundance of relevant issues and needs in diverse areas and fields to which good and timely solutions are needed.

In view of these and others has SolutionzBay Ltd been set up to provide relevant solutions to these issues. Hence the slogan "Relevant Solution"